Mosquito Treatments

Mosquito Squad’s most popular mosquito control service, our proprietary micro-encapsulated, water-based product will decrease your yard’s mosquito population by 80-90% and will remain effective for up to 21 days.

Mosquito Control That Fits Your Lifestyle

If your yard has a mosquito problem, chances are you tend to stay indoors. Not only do these bugs cause itchy, annoying bites, they can also spread diseases such as the West Nile virus. Take back your outdoor living space with effective mosquito control solutions from Mosquito Squad.

Conditions That Attract Mosquitoes

Making minor changes can make a big difference if your yard is mosquito-infested. Right after it rains, check your yard for pools of standing water. Empty kiddie pools, outdoor toys, gutters, and other containers that collect water. Don't wait; within four days, eggs laid in these puddles will mature and hatch. Keep your lawn trimmed and cut away shrubs, tree limbs, and brush, as they create shady areas that attract mosquitoes.

Professional Mosquito Control Methods

Although making your yard less hospitable to mosquitoes is the first step, many homeowners still require professional mosquito treatment. We offer several options:

  • A barrier spray applied to the entire yard from the perimeter inward, which works for up to three weeks and prevents 90 percent of mosquitoes from entering your yard
  • An all-natural spray made from essential oils that provides protection for up to 14 days
  • An automatic misting system that provides continuous, year-round protection

Both options allow for human and animal exposure and registered with the Environmental Protection Agency. We also provide special packages for those hosting outdoor events.

Contact Us for Service

Mosquito Squad offers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, which means if you are still bothered by mosquitoes after treatment, we'll come back and spray again at no cost. If you have received a spray for an event at your home and were not satisfied, we will provide a full refund. If you live in the greater KC, Johnson County, Lawrence, and the Northland area, contact us for a free quote at 877-667-7823.
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Protect your two & four-legged family members from mosquitoes, ticks and fleas and the diseases they can transmit. They are susceptible to diseases such as Lyme, Heartworm, West Nile Disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and Encephalitis, if bitten by an infected mosquito or tick.